Leanne Schmidt and Company is available for residencies that offer a range of choreographic works, workshops, classes and seminars.

Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Modern Dance

After a fast-paced, easy warm-up including weight changes, testing balance, adjusting alignment and spatial exploration, phrase work will be emphasized. The class will encourage the dancer to explore different qualities of movement, theatricality, musicality, individual expression and performance style. We will work within a large range of movement styles from small quirky movements to large, sweeping across-the-floor phrases. The instructor will promote individual choices allowing each student to find their own voice within the class and ultimately as a performer.


Comedy Improvisation for Composition

This class will introduce beginning level comedy improvisation “games and theories as a means to generate new choreography, performance structures and character development. Through this method, we will accept the choices we make as performers “in the moment.“ Trusting our intuitive choices will often limit self editing early in the process. We will look at what is considered the cornerstone of comedy improvisational technique, “Yes, And…” and begin building choreography (and characters) in complete agreement from the beginning.


Short Stories: Dance/Creative Writing

Short Stories is a collaborative workshop which combines creative writing of student participants and dance performance/choreography of Leanne Schmidt and Company. The goal of this workshop is to discover new means of inspiration to create written and choreographic work. The mission of the project is to make dance accessible, to those seasoned in dance or not, by bringing it directly to the classroom. The workshop will include exercises connecting creative writing to dance through discussion, written reactions to, and interpretations of live in-classroom performance. These reactions will be used to create choreographic and written material and then presented in the next workshop. The value of this curriculum is to reveal the choreographic process and to carry into effect a true collaboration with all artists involved.


Performance Workshop

This workshop does not suggest the answers to dance performance but is designed to encourage the dancer to discover his or her own voice as a dancer/artist. The workshop will provide a venue for discussion and participation in an assortment of techniques to aid dance performance. It is intended for the student who is interested in pursuing dance performance as an art form versus a recreational activity. There will be discussion on performance and rehearsal etiquette, stage presence, performance issues, etc. Each dancer will create a “Dancer’s Credo.”

Absolute Beginning Modern Dance

This course is a beginning dance class designed to introduce the basic concepts of modern dance by examining and exploring all movement as dance. We will experience movement through time, space, and energy in a comfortable environment that promotes exploration of life experiences, humor and honesty.


Dance Composition

This course will encourage the student to investigate methods for making dances.  The student will learn theories of composition by creating choreographic structures, developing vocabulary and organizing relationships of space, time and energy. Emphasis will be on movement invention, individual expression, problem solving, analysis and constructive criticism. The degree of difficulty in the design of creative problems will be dependant on the students in front of me. Beginning students may begin with solo studies. Intermediate students may create work on classmates. Advanced students may create a large work with dancers outside of class.


Improvisational Structures/Beginning Improvisation 

Designed for the “beginning improviser”, this class will focus on developing a type of informed intuition, or the ability to make interesting, surprising and satisfying improvisational choices. This will be discovered through a commitment to exploring improvisational processes through the use of space, time, and dynamics. The instructor will provide a guided exploration in the elements of dance for the creative development of personal movement repertoire providing basic tools for dance composition. Some improvisational structures may include large groups; duet and solo forms; voice, sound and text; contact and touch; props and visual arts; site specific forms.

Also available:

Seminar: A Dancer’s Life; After College 

Yoga for Dancers

Pilates Conditioning for Dancers (with Kim Goss)